With a range of different courses for 6-20 year olds across 7 different locations in Sussex, Bede's Summer School has something for everybody.

Little Explorers
(6-11 yrs)

The Little Explorers programme, with 17.5 hours of lessons per week, is especially designed for our youngest students and offers a fully-inclusive programme of English lessons, sports, activities, social events and cultural excursions. We also offer a Day option for children who are coming to the beautiful seaside town of Eastbourne on a family holiday and an optional English and leisure programme for their parents.

Young Influencers
(10-14 yrs)

The Young Influencers programme offers 16 hours per week of task-based projects that appeal to curious minds and as an alternative to regular English lessons. This course focuses on developing 21C skills such as Collaboration, Creativity and Teamwork, using 21C tools such as blogs, YouTube and animation. The course also includes a wide range of sports, activities, social events and cultural excursions.

Adventures in English
(9-16 yrs)

The Adventures in English programme, with 20 hours of lessons, uses outdoor learning to stimulate students' curiosity. The course, which is offered at Windlesham (9-13yrs) and Claremont (12-16yrs), includes a wide range of sports, activities, social events and cultural excursions. At Claremont, an additional FREE TIME excursion is offered. Native English Champions are available.

English Plus
(12-18 yrs)

English Plus is a semi-intensive programme with 22.5 hours of lessons per week offered at Dicker (12-17yrs) and Lancing (13-18yrs). Uniquely on this course, students can create a more intensive programme by selecting academic subjects or they can study for a Cambridge exam. The programme includes a wide range of sports, activities, social events and cultural excursions.

English for the future
(15-20 yrs)

English for the Future is an intensive course with 25 hours of study per week designed to give students effective strategies for communication in academic and professional contexts. Lessons include Communication Skills and Academic Insights in a range of University subjects. The IELTS Exam is available. The course includes social events and cultural excursions. Accommodation is in single en-suite bedrooms.

Legat Dance
(12-17 yrs)

Legat Dance, taking place at Dicker centre, is an intensive two-week Dance and English programme combining 17 hours of expert dance tuition (ballet, contemporary dance and choreography) with 12.5 hours of English lessons per week. The course culminates in a spectacular performance of newly-created works shown on campus in the Miles Theatre on the last day of the programme.

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