With a range of different courses for 6-20 year olds across 7 different locations in Sussex, Bede's has something for everybody.

Little Explorers
(6-11 yrs)

This programme, with 17.5 hours of lessons per week, is designed for our younger students and includes a range of English lessons and age-appropriate sports, activities, academies, social events and excursions.  Day students are welcome and English classes for parents are offered at Eastbourne.

New Horizons
(8-14 yrs)

This programme, with 20 hours of lessons per week, focuses on outdoor learning using the school's Organic Garden and Forest School and includes "Explorations" where students study English through stimulating subjects such as science, ecology, space and technology. The Trinity GESE exam is also available.

Adventures in English
(11-15 yrs)

This programme, with 20 hours of lessons per week, includes a range of English lessons, sports, activities, academies, social events and excursions to places of cultural and historical interest. This centre welcomes some native English children - our English Champions. The Cambridge KET and Trinity Speaking exam is also available.

English Plus
(12-18 yrs)

This intensive programme, with 22.5 hours of lessons per week, takes place in a choice of 2 stunning locations and offers students the possbility of studying a range of subjects such as Economics, English Literature, History, International Relations, IT, Management, Maths and Science. The Cambridge PET, FCE and CAE exams are also available.

English for the future
(15-20 yrs)

This intensive course with 25 hours of lessons per week is designed to give students effective strategies for communication in a variety of professional contexts and includes English Skills, Communication Skills and Professional Skills. The Cambridge CAE and IELTS Exams are also available. This programme includes organised evening social events and weekend excursions.

Legat Dance
(12-17 yrs)

This intensive two-week Dance and English programme, offered by the Legat School of Dance, combines expert dance tuition in Ballet and Contemporary Dance with English lessons. The course culminates in a spectacular performance of newly-created works shown in the Miles Theatre on the last day of the programme.

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