Will I be able to choose which centre I work at?
If we make you an offer of employment, it will be at a specific centre, based on our needs and requirements and based on our assessment of where we think you would be most valuable according to your skills and experiences. We do reserve the right to change your centre at any time before or even during your employment, should the need arise. The most important thing is that we have the right number of staff with the right skills at each centre.
How long will my contract be?
Most staff, whether they be new to Bede’s or returning staff members, will be offered a contract of 3 or 4 weeks' work, with some optional weeks which they must be available to work if required. The Centre Director will usually let staff know whether they will be required to work the optional period in the 2nd or 3rd week of the course.
Is accommodation provided?
Yes, accommodation is provided for all staff members, free of charge. The only thing that we ask is that staff members follow the basic house rules which includes being in the house by about 11.00pm so as not to disturb the students and other staff members. You may during certain weeks be based at another centre to free up rooms for students.  If this is required then transport will be provided to take you to and from the centre.
Will I have to share by bedroom?
You may be required to share your bedroom, but this will depend on the centre. The Centre Director will always try to accommodate staff members in single accommodation, but this is subject to availability and is not always possible. All bedrooms have shared bathroom facilities with the exception of the Brighton Centre which has single ensuite rooms.
Are meals provided?
Yes. All staff are entitled to food when they are on duty and there are also supplies of tea, coffee, water and biscuits throughout the day. At Lunch and Dinner, there is always a hot vegetarian option and a full salad bar. If you have any special dietary requirements, we will do our very best to cater for you.
What is the earliest I can arrive?
All staff are required to arrive in time for the start of the staff induction. Accommodation and food will be provided from the first day of induction. Unfortunately, no provision can be made for staff arriving the day before the induction starts.
Will I be able to choose my days off?
Days off will be assigned by the Centre Director on a weekly basis according to the needs of the centre.
What if I need to attend my graduation or a family wedding?
Due to the short-term nature of the job, we are looking for staff who are available for the entirety of their contract, but of course we would not prevent anyone from attending an important event such as a graduation or a wedding! All you need to do is to mention it on your application form or during your interview. Unless mentioned in advance, we cannot guarantee any specific days off during your period of employment.
Can I leave the premises when I am officially off duty?
Yes of course, during your official time off, you are entitled to leave the premises. When using your accommodation, we expect you to follow the house rules.
Will there be access to computers and to the internet?
Yes, there are computers that staff may use when on duty and in connection with their work and there is access to the internet. If you wish to use the computers when you are off duty, you will need to check with the Centre Director. You may bring your laptop if you wish, but please note that not all centres allow Bede’s Summer School access to wi-fi.
Will I be able to use the sports facilities during my time off?
Staff can usually access some of the sports facilities for personal use but this does very much depend on the agreement that Bede’s has with each school in terms of times and availability. Personal usage is also subject to Health & Safety requirements so for example, if you wanted to use the swimming pool, a lifeguard would need to be present.
How will I wash my clothes?
Staff are entitled to use the laundry facilities at all centres at agreed times and at no cost.
Are my personal possessions insured?
Personal possessions are insured on the School’s insurance policy only if they are being used in connection with a staff member’s work. We would advise you against bringing items of considerable value with you to Summer School.
How and when will I be paid?

Salaries are paid monthly in arrears on 25th of each month into a UK bank account. If you do not have UK bank account, your salary can be paid into your international bank account but in this case, you will be required to pay the bank transfer charges.

There is no provision for salaries to be paid in cash and unfortunately, we cannot give salary advances.

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