Bede's Summer School aims to provide an outstanding summer experience to all of its students such that they become more confident in their English abilities and motivated to continue learning long after they leave Bede's.

Our students enjoy a truly holistic education with every experience, lesson or social activity underpinned by outstanding and proactive pastoral care.

Bede's Summer School is eager for its students to benefit from the unique character of its different centres and from the many opportunities it offers for nurturing their academic, social and personal development.

Our aim is that every girl and boy will leave Bede's Summer School with an enhanced understanding of cultural harmony, high ideals, and clear and confident aspiration.

Academic Excellence

Bede's is academically ambitious for its students. Outstanding English teachers inspire those they teach, drawing out a passion for the English language and for learning. We want every child to achieve the very highest standards and to be demanding in the pursuit of excellence.

Outstanding Pastoral Care

Bede’s looks after every student within its pastoral system, which is genuinely caring, professional, innovative and leads the way in standards of care within the Summer School industry.

Co-curricular Breadth and Depth

The co-curricular experience is an intrinsic and compulsory part of a Bede’s Summer School education. Our programme is balanced and challenging whilst creating and extending talents, skills and leadership.

Exceptional Boarding

An exceptional boarding experience remains at the heart of the Summer School. Bede’s offers boarding in a safe, supportive environment delivered by committed professionals who always put the children first.

Spiritual Richness

We value every individual’s spiritual beliefs within a non-denominational context and encourage all young people to develop not only a sense of moral and ethical awareness but an appreciation of their own place in the world.

First-Class Campuses

We select our host schools so that we are able to provide the highest quality facilities and resources that bring the best out of every member of our international community.

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