We are looking for Senior House Parents who are hard-working, organised, sensitive and reliable and for those who are willing to go the extra mile.


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Native/near native competence in spoken and written English is essential

Candidate Profile

We are looking for Senior House Parents who are hard-working, organised, sensitive and reliable and for those who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the safety and well-being of the students in their care. Senior House Parents must have the ability and skills to build a caring, friendly and positive rapport with students, while, at the same time, being able to deal appropriately with challenging welfare and discipline issues when required.

The ability to build a friendly but professional rapport with staff members in the house, set standards and norms of good practice and deal with any problems swiftly, fairly and appropriately, are all basic requirements of this post.

We aim to give students an educational, culturally-enriching and memorable summer experience in a safe and supervised setting and we are looking to employ professional staff who will accept this responsibility, and have the necessary wide-ranging skills, experience and commitment to help us achieve this goal.


  • Applicants with any professional training in areas such as child care, social work, education, counselling or psychotherapy are particularly welcomed, as are applicants who are first-aid qualified or willing to become first-aid qualified prior to taking up the post.


  • Applicants must have a minimum of 1 years experience of working with children in a professional setting, preferably, in a variety of contexts.
  • Previous summer school or residential experience would be an advantage, as would experience of working with international children and of working in a customer-care role.


£685 per week.

Statutory holiday pay (currently 5.6 weeks per year) is paid pro-rata with each salary payment on top of the stated weekly salary. 

Accommodation and meal are provided free of charge.

Working Hours

Working hours will be variable and shifts will include early mornings, late nights and weekends.

Senior House Parents are entitled to one full day off per week.

Working Day

A typical day begins by waking up the students, making sure they all get up and make their way to breakfast. At the younger centres, Senior House Parents will play an active role in helping the children to get dressed, tidy their bedrooms, and make their way to breakfast.

At breakfast, lunch or dinner, Senior House Parents will be on duty in the dining room supervising the queue, servery or dining areas or they will be looking after any students who may be sick.

During the morning and early afternoon, when students are in class, Senior House Parents will be available to help the Welfare Manager and will show presence around the campus, liaising with the Welfare Manager, Nurse, domestic staff, the Senior Team members, undertaking general duties relating to students’ safety, welfare and well-being.

During the afternoon activities sessions, Senior House Parents will take part in activities assisting the Activities staff, but focusing on welfare and well-being issues.

On arrival days (Sundays), Senior House Parents will usually be on-site, making sure the bedrooms for new students are clean and tidy, showing new students to their rooms and helping them to settle in. On departure days (Saturdays), Senior House Parents will help students pack and make sure departing students’ bedrooms are left as tidy as possible.

Senior House Parents will deputise for the Welfare Manager to ensure continuity within all aspects and areas of their role, in cases of scheduled or unexpected absence during the Summer School season.

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