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LALIGA Football Camps UK11-17 years

This intensive professional football training course is run by official LALIGA coaches from Spain and is open to international students with a football level of intermediate, advanced or professional. Students receive 14 hours of English and at least 12.5  hours of football training per week. 


Players will improve their skills via LALIGA’s authentic training methodologies. These aim to create the ‘complete footballer’ through tactical, technical, physical and psychological sessions and workshops, supported by high-performance training, video analysis, Sports Science workshops, live Q&As, masterclasses and individualised technical report.


The course is run at two Centres: Dicker and Royal Russell. Both centres provide exceptional facilities for this course, with access to well-maintained playing fields, artificial pitches, a multi-purpose sports hall, swimming pool, professional gym and analysis rooms, all part of a multi-million pound sports complex.


BRAND NEW for 2024 - LALIGA will run for two weeks during our Easter Plus Course!

The Programme

Football Training

Course Description

This intensive Football and Language course will include a minimum of 12.5 hours of
football training and at least 14 hours of English tuition per week. English classes are accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English in the UK.

Players will improve their skills via LALIGA’s authentic training methodologies. These aim
to create the ‘complete footballer’ through tactical, technical, physical and psychological sessions and workshops, supported by high-performance training, video analysis, Sports Science workshops, live Q&As, masterclasses and individualised technical report.

Sports Testing Players will undergo numerous assessments which cover speed,
strength, agility and power.

Technical Training Hosted by UEFA Pro certified coaches from LALIGA and supported
by former professional players from the UK.

Workshops Players will take part in various workshops which look to create
the ‘complete player’. These include: Individual Performance-Profiling, Injury Prevention, Band Work Stretch & Roll, Nutrition & Hydration, Goal Setting, Yoga, Video Analysis and Strength & Conditioning.

In-house matches Players will play 'in-house’ competitive fixtures.

Native English Students

Football training includes playing with British students. This allows international students to improve their English skills in a natural and authentic way while playing the sport they love and immerse themselves in the culture and language.


Dan Harding (Head Coach)

Dan is a former England U21 International and EFL Championship player who has represented professional clubs such as Southampton, Brighton & Hove Albion, Millwall, Ipswich Town and many more. Dan joined the team in 2018 and brings a wealth of expertise and experience from the professional game to Swerve Soccer. With Dan’s connections, we are also able to offer higher playing opportunities through his extensive connections within the football sector.

Adam El-Abd (Guest Masterclass Coach)

Adam is an ex-professional player for Brighton & Hove Albion, Bristol Rovers, Shrewsbury Town and Wycombe Wanderers. He has also been capped seven times at an international level for Egypt and currently plays for the League Two side Stevenage. Adam who is best known for representing current Premier League side Brighton & Hove Albion will be providing a guest masterclass and Q&A during our Pro International Camp.

Sam Howes (Head Goalkeeper Coach)

Sam is a former goalkeeper for England U21 and Premier League side West Ham FC. Sam has also represented Watford and now plays at a semi-professional level. He has won honours at the Euro U17 Championships along with winning the U23 League Cup with West Ham. Sam will take his experience as a former professional and will be bringing it to our Pro International Football Camps.

James Fraser (Director)

James Fraser is an ex-professional player for Bristol Rovers FC and an ex-youth team player for Brighton & Hove Albion. James currently plays at a semi-professional level and was once crowned the ‘player of the season’ (by his league opponents), ‘Players-player’, ‘Coaches Player of the Year’ and ‘Supporters Player of the Year’ James now operates ‘Swerve Soccer’ alongside Oliver for the past ten years. He is also an advanced high-performance trainer.

Oliver Davies (Director)

Oliver is a former region representative player who currently plays at a semi-professional level. Oliver is joint-manager for one of the leading independent U18 school football teams in the country who partake in nationally recognised competitions such as the ESFA and ISFA cup. Oliver operates academy sides along the South East of England for ages 9-13 with over 400 active members partaking across his programmes.

English Skills


English Skills focus on developing students' general knowledge in English and ability to communicate effectively and accurately in everyday situations and different contexts. Students will be tested, challenged, supported and stimulated.


  1. Improve students' receptive (reading and listening) and productive (speaking and writing) English skills.
  2. Extend students' knowledge and range of vocabulary.
  3. Deepen students' understanding of grammatical concepts in English.
  4. Build students' confidence to use the English they know in speaking situations.
  5. Improve students' pronunciation.
  6. Train students to be effective learners.
Students on the Football & Language programme in Dicker take part in English Skills and Enrichment lessons, which aim to develop their proficiency across the four language skills.
Students on the Football & Language programme in Royal Russell, depending on their age, will either join London Explorers or English for the Future students in their morning tuition, which aims at learning English and exploring the capital city of London.




A full programme of organised and supervised social events is offered every evening enabling students to make new friends and develop their social skills. By actively encouraging the mixing of nationalities, the programme helps to create a harmonious, international community in which students can safely and comfortably live, study and enjoy themselves. These include: Disco, Formal Dinner & Dance House Competitions and Pool Party.


  1. Promote students' relaxation and enjoyment.
  2. Explore some typically English social events, games and activities.
  3. Nurture social skills in an environment of different cultural traditions.
  4. Use English in natural real-life speaking situations.
  5. Forge new friendships.


Excursions are a mandatory part of the programme. We offer students the opportunity to visit places of cultural and historical interest, as well as the chance for sightseeing, shopping and amusement.


  1. Deepen students' cultural experiences.
  2. Create opportunities for interaction with the real world in fun, relaxed and genuinely interesting ways.
  3. Enhance their knowledge of England and the UK.


Wednesday trips are a half-day afternoon/evening visit and will involve a visit to a  Premier League Stadium followed by an activity such as Footgolf.  After the activity been completed you will head into a local town/city such as Brighton to visit the local attractions.


Saturday excursions are a full day trip and include a cultural, touristic or recreational visit to London or another place of interest such as British Museum, Buckingham Palace, London Dungeon, London Eye, London Zoo, Madame Tussauds, National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Thorpe Park, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey.

An alternative sightseeing tour of London will be available every Saturday.


Sunday excursions are often more relaxing trips to a local seaside town, such as Brighton, Chichester, Eastbourne, Hastings or Worthing, where students can stroll along the beach, have lunch in the park or do some shopping. Sometimes students will partake in off-site activities.

Day Camp

Date: Dicker - 1 July - 2 August (Mon-Fri only) & Royal Russell -  5 August - 16 August (Mon-Fri only)
Time: 08:45-17:30 (Weds 21:00)

Ages: 12-17 - Dicker 11-17 - Royal Russell  

LaLiga Football Camps UK offers a unique opportunity for players to live and train like a young professional footballer. Students will immerse themselves in an intensive two-week technical training course sculpted by world-class UEFA Pro certified coaches from LaLiga. Accompanying the LaLiga coaches from Spain will be a number of former professional players from England who have a wealth of playing and coaching experience.

  • Authentic LaLiga training experience

  • LaLiga training kit

  • Individualised feedback reports

Dates & Fees

This intensive course from LALIGA Camps UK provides the optimal training environment for aspiring
British and international footballers, both males and females, aged 12–17. (11 year olds only at Royal Russell)


Dicker : 31 March - 13 April

The fully inclusive residential course fee is £1,645 per week for the Football + Language programme, and £1,495 per week for Complete Football & Goalkeeper programme. This includes a return transfer from selected airports and travel insurance.

The Day Course fee is £745 per week.


Dicker : 30 June - 3 August 

Royal Russell : 4 August - 17 August 

The fully inclusive residential course fee is £1,845 per week for the Football + Language programme, and £1,695 per week for Complete Football & Goalkeeper programme. This includes a return transfer from selected airports and travel insurance.

The Day Course fee is £745 per week.

For a longer stay, students can do a combination course if they wish, for example La Liga Football Camp UK + English Plus at Dicker/Lancing.

The Course


Age range 11 to 17 yrs. 60 spaces available on the LaLiga course. Maximum 250 students per week at Dicker. Limits for each nationality to ensure a good mix.


LaLiga Students join English Plus students for English Skills and then undertake intensive Football training from 12pm to 5.30pm. There are social events every evening and weekend excursions. On Wednesday there will be a stadium tour of a Premier League football team. All Football and English lessons, recreational activities and excursions are mandatory and included in the fee.


At least 12.5 hours of Football Training and 14 hours of English per week. English classes have a maximum of 14 students. Weekly progress checks to monitor performance.

English Levels

6 levels are available from A0 (Complete Beginner) to C2 (Proficiency). Entry test on first Monday with a speaking, grammar and writing component.

Football Level

This course is for students with a football level of intermediate, advanced or professional.

The centre



Multiple Football Pitches / Artificial Pitches / Multi-Purpose Sports Hall / 25m x12.5m Swimming Pool / Air Condidtioned Gym / 4 Squash Courts / 7 Tennis Courts / Analysis Rooms

Royal Russell 

Astroturf Pitch / Multi Use Pitch / Chapel / Performing Arts Centre / Grass Pitches / Sports Hall / Indoor Swimming Pool / Tennis Courts



Separate accommodation on campus for boys and girls. Most bedrooms have 2 to 4 beds (some single and larger bedrooms are available). Storage space is available. Bathrooms are shared. Students share their bedroom with children of a similar age and from different countries. Every boarding house has its own communal space for students to relax. 2023 saw Dicker open a brand new boarding house for 90 students with ensuite bathrooms and fantastic common areas. 

Royal Russell

At Royal Russell, there are typically 1-3 beds per room in modern houses located in the heart of the campus. Students usually share their bedroom with children of the same age and from different countries which helps them to mix, speak English and build new friendships. Each house has a common room with comfortable chairs or sofas for students to relax during their free time.


Bede’s staff provide excellent care for students 24 hours a day and live in the same sleeping areas as the students. Dedicated House Parents look after the students in each boarding house. Excellent staff:student ratios (typically 1:5). Individual attention provided. There is a surgery led by a qualified nurse a couple of times a week and students have access to a doctor if required.



Healthy meals with a mix of English and international dishes served in the Dining Room. Vegetarian options are always available. Special dietary requirements are accommodated.


Internet is available and an extensive Wi-Fi network across the campus. Skype is available. Students can make and receive telephone calls. Bede's Shop and a Village Shop for refreshments and snacks. Laundry is done for students at least twice a week. 24 hour emergency contact service for Parents.

Transfer Service
Transfer Service

Transfers from/to Heathrow and Gatwick Airports and St Pancras International Train Station are included in the fees between 09.00 and 18.00 (10.00-17.00 for St Pancras). Students are met by Bede's Staff and Bede's Airport Coordinators provide extra care.


Dicker is located in a small village in the middle of the rolling hills of the South Downs between the seaside town of Eastbourne and the historic town of Lewes.

London: 68 miles/109 km

LGW: 44 miles/70 km

LHR: 82 miles/133 km

Royal Russell is situated in 110 acres of beautiful Surrey woodland, but also benefits from being within 30 minutes reach of central London. The school is to the south of the UK's capital city and is easily accessible from major terminals or for those attending our Day courses.

London: 12 miles/19 km

LGW: 18 miles/29 km

LHR: 26 miles/42 km

Course Aims

  1. Improve and perfect technical football skills and game technique
  2. Improve fitness levels for an enhanced performance on the pitch
  3. Improve all language skills in English
  4. Build confidence to speak English more fluently
  5. Have a better understanding of the British way of life
  6. Earn respect for other people and different cultures
  7. Develop personal and social skills
  8. Motivate students to continue learning after they leave Bede's

Course Outcomes

Attendance Certificate
Academic Report
Academies Certificate (if applicable)
Any special digital Awards or Prizes
Nationality Mix
What Students Thought in 2023
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