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Windlesham offers separate accommodation for boys and girls, with cheerful and spacious bedrooms which cater for four to eight students.

Students share their bedroom with children of the same age and from different countries which helps them to mix, speak English and forge new friendships. Bathrooms are located on each floor and are shared. Each house has a common room with comfortable chairs or sofas for students to relax during their free time. There are also some books and board games available for students’ enjoyment. Bede’s staff are residential and live and sleep in the same boarding houses as the students. They are available 24 hours a day to deal with any problems that may arise, even in the middle of the night. Each house has a dedicated House Parent who is responsible for the smooth running of the house and for students’ comfort and well-being.

There are daily house registers and meetings to ensure all students are present and aware of the day’s schedule. There is also a noticeboard in each house for information and messages. A laundry service, overseen by the House Parent, is offered to students at least twice per week and is included in the fee. Every week, an unannounced fire drill will take place to make sure that students are aware of the evacuation procedure. Bede’s will decide which houses will be used for boys/girls according to the number of enrolments in each week. We accept accommodation requests, but these are subject to availability on arrival and cannot be guaranteed.

Accommodation Stats

  Boys Girls
Total capacity (staff/students) 139 125
Number of student bedrooms 12 12
Smallest bedroom 6 beds 5 beds
Largest bedroom 11 beds 11 beds
Number of showers 14 11
Shower:student 1:5 1:8

Windlesham Centre

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