We are looking for suitably-qualified Academic Managers who are both excellent classroom practitioners with experience in a variety of teaching contexts.


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Native/near native competence in spoken and written English is essential

Candidate Profile

We are looking for suitably-qualified Academic Managers who are both excellent classroom practitioners with experience in a variety of teaching contexts, and at the same time, competent EFL managers with some experience managing teachers in a language/summer school environment.

Applicants must have excellent organisational skills and be efficient, flexible and able to work in a busy, fast-paced and often challenging summer school environment. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential, as is the ability to work calmly, effectively and accurately even whilst under pressure and when working to tight deadlines.

The ability to build a friendly but professional rapport with staff members and lead them in a dynamic and efficient manner, set standards and norms of good practice and deal with any problems swiftly, fairly and appropriately, are all basic requirements of this post.

We are looking for Academic Managers who are hard-working, reliable and professional and for those who are willing to go the extra mile to help their colleagues and ensure the smooth running of the Academic Programme at all times.

We aim to give students an educational, culturally-enriching and memorable summer experience in a safe and supervised setting and we are looking to employ professional staff who will accept this responsibility, and have the necessary wide-ranging skills, experience and commitment to help us achieve this goal.


  • University Degree in any discipline. Applicants with MA in TEFL or Applied Linguistics are particularly welcomed. 
  • CELTA / Trinity College TESOL (or Accreditation-UK recognised equivalent) or PGCE (in English or MFL)
  • DELTA / Trinity College Diploma in TESOL (or Accreditation-UK recognised equivalent such as MA in TEFL)
  • Applicants with QTS (Primary or Secondary) and/or CELTYL, are particularly welcomed.
  • TEFL-Q qualified according to Accreditation-UK


  • Extensive teaching experience (5+ years) in a wide range of contexts is essential.
  • Academic Manager/DOS experience in junior residential Summer Schools would be an advantage.
  • Teacher Training experience would be an advantage.
  • Course writing experience would be an advantage. 
  • Experience of preparing for and supervising external exams, particularly IELTS, Cambridge and Trinity, would be an advantage. 


From £825 per week.

Statutory holiday pay (currently 5.6 weeks per year) is paid pro-rata with each salary payment on top of the stated weekly salary. 

Accommodation is provided. Meals are provided by the Summer School when on duty.

Working Hours

A typical working day is from 8am to 6pm, 6 days per week.

On a Friday Academic Managers work until 7.45pm due to the leavers ceremony.

Academic Managers are entitled to 1 full day off per week.

Working Day

The Academic Manager has overall responsibility for the smooth running of the EFL programme including testing, timetabling, allocating classes, providing ongoing guidance and support to teachers, carrying out observations and running teacher development sessions.

The Academic Manager leads the daily teachers’ meeting to make sure that all the teachers are present, give last-minute notices or reminders and to ensure teachers are prepared for their lessons.

After the meeting, the Academic Manager, with the help of any Senior Teacher, ensures that all students are in classes and that the teachers are not in need of anything. Any unexplained absences must be investigated immediately.

Whilst lessons are taking place (in the morning and after lunch), the Academic Manager responds to any problems that may arise (such as discipline problems and level changes) and also ensures that all paperwork is up-to-date, accurate and filed properly. Classroom observations are conducted at this time.

On Monday mornings, the Academic Manager organises new students’ entry tests, forming testing groups and allocating to teachers. The Academic Manager then supervises the marking and uses the results to allocate students to classes based on their level, age and where possible, nationality.

After classes, teachers must prepare for their next day’s lessons and the Academic Manager, together with any Senior Teacher, is expected to guide and support, giving advice on materials and ensuring that teachers are following the syllabus, preparing well-balanced and challenging lessons in the time allocated and generally maintaining the high teaching standards expected at Bede’s. Academic managers will be expected to pay particular attention to newly-qualified and inexperienced teachers.

One evening per week, as part of our commitment to teachers’ professional development, the Academic Manager and/or Senior Teacher leads an input session for teachers, giving useful tips and techniques for teaching and covering topics particularly relevant when teaching in a summer school context.

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