Tuesday 19 November 2019

Young Influencers’ programme at Handcross

In Summer 2019, Bede’s Summer School was pleased to introduce its Young Influencers’ programme at Handcross for the first time.

The programme, which ran for 6 weeks between July 7th – August 17th, marked a fresh new addition to the other programmes we offer, and was indeed unique in its strong focus on task-based learning through a range of media such as video, blogging, animation and junior coding with the BBC Microbit.

It also seamlessly incorporated a variety of 21st Century Skills such as critical-thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and information literacy as the guiding principle behind all lessons.

Young Influencers proved a major hit with our first intake of students, who were presented with a challenging curriculum that they responded to well. Straight away in week one our influencers were busy making interactive micro-pets and monsters and brainstorming ways to “make Youtube great again”!

The momentum continued in the following weeks. The task-based lessons ranged from blog posts on animal rights and activism, seamless stop-motion animations, engaging emoji and character creations, to thoughtful discussions about technology and the environment, Dragon’s Den-style group pitches, the production of a short play and the invention of a games expo. This, plus a variety of sports & activities and 3 full-day excursions per week!

We are incredibly proud of all the great work our students produced during their task-based projects and believe they are well on their way to changing the world for the better as “Young Influencers”.

Since the programme proved so popular in 2019, Bede’s Summer School is happy to announce that it will offer the same programme again in 2020 for 6 weeks. We are already excited to welcome our students next Summer. We can’t wait to watch them grow and see what they create together.   

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