Friday 10 January 2020

New Academy in 2020 – Mountain Biking


In 2020, Bede’s Summer School are happy to introduce Mountain Biking as the newest addition to our Academy Prospectus.

Perfectly suited for British Summertime, Mountain Biking is available during selected weeks to all English Plus students at our Dicker campus aged 12-17.


The Academy consists of 6 hours per week conducted in 3 x 2 hour sessions, and is offered to all levels, from Beginner to Advanced.


It will take place around Dicker in nearby areas that offer excellent terrains for mountain biking, such as Friston Forest and Abbot’s Wood.


Bikes will be provided to students, as well as helmets. Coaching will be given by a Level 2 British Cycling “GO RIDE” coach.


The Academy will help students develop their general riding skills and technique, improve spatial awareness on the mountain bike, master a number of manoeuvres within their competency level such as the wheelie, build confidence to ride on various off‑road terrains, learn how to set up the mountain bike and complete pre-ride safety checks.


In addition to Mountain Biking, Bede’s offers a variety of Academies in other sports, leisure pursuits, creative activities and academic subjects that are designed to increase students’ skills, technique and knowledge.


Academies, which are optional, enable students to customise their course and carry on learning outside the classroom in small, supervised groups. They also assist students in developing their communication skills, confidence in speaking and fluency, as well as their self-confidence by challenging them to step (or pedal) outside of their comfort zone.


We look forward to students joining our various Academies in summer 2020, and seeing some of them explore new terrain in our fresh and exciting new challenge of Mountain Biking!


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