Wednesday 04 January 2017

Based in a small village amongst the South Downs and home to Bede’s Senior School, I introduce to you our Dicker centre. A set-up providing a real sense of community, accommodating a limited number for this particular course, however up to 250 students per week when shared with our English Plus students. Dicker welcomes students aged between 12-17 years of age, has a staff ratio of 1:5 students and maximum class size of 14. A great base for dance enthusiasts on our Legat Dance Plus programme.

At Dicker we provide students with 17 hours of dance tuition per week, which is made up of:

  • Conditioning/Pilates (3 hrs per week)
  • Classical Ballet Technique (4 hrs per week)
  • Contemporary Technique (4 hours per week)
  • Creative/Choreography (6 hours per week)

At Dicker we provide students with 12.5 hours of English tuition per week, which is made up of;

English Skills (12.5 hrs per week)

These lessons are based on Bede’s syllabus and are designed to improve students’ general language abilities, extend their vocabulary and pronunciation and enhance their understanding of grammar to improve their accuracy when producing spoken and written language.

A placement test on arrival will place students into their English class. Each class will consist of students of similar age and English ability. Legat Dance students will be merged into the same class as those on our English Plus course for this lesson only.

What is new for 2017 at Dicker?

  • Students will now attend the ‘Wednesday Trip’ along with the English Plus students.

Our programme, activities and excursions are all designed for the given age range, including time every day for students to use the Wi-Fi and contact home. A great centre for those who are looking for a larger centre, extra English tuition and a community-feel with many nationalities.

Any questions you have with regards to Dicker and the Legat Dance programme please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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