On Site Testing

From our experience, the best way to ensure a successful camp is to maintain a regular testing programme for all.  We will ask pupils to test twice weekly (Monday & Thursday) to help prevent any potential outbreak.  These tests will be provided by the Summer School.


Cleaning & Hygiene 

Bede's Summer School has always understood the important role that the cleaning department provide.  Over the past 18 months this has been amplified and our cleaning departments at all schools have added a more rigorous cleaning regime.  Our cleaning department have an excellent understanding and procedures in place to ensure classrooms, bedrooms and other site facilities are consistently cleaned to help any possible cross-contamination.


Sharing Bedrooms

Where possible, we will limit the amount of students in each bedroom and try to ensure all pupils arriving on the same day do not share rooms with others arriving a week or more later.


Dealing with a COVID-19 Case(s)

If a student displays symptoms of COVID-19, we will advise the student/staff member to isolate and complete a PCR Test.

If the test returns a negative result, then the student/staff member will be able to carry on as normal, however if the student/staff member returns a positive result, they will be required to isolate for 10 full days or until we are advised otherwise.

When any person is isolating, we will place them in a separate room with their own toilet and washing facilities.  All meals will be delivered to their bedroom using disposable plates and cutlery. 

If the pupil was previously sharing a room, the other pupils will be asked to complete daily lateral flow tests as a precaution.

Students will then be entered in to a Google Classroom where they will be able to continue their English lessons using the blended learning approach (Providing they feel well enough).

This classroom will also be a way for the student to communicate with the staff to ensure all their needs and requirements are being met.

We understand that needing to isolate for such a long period of time can be challenging, especially to a child or young person.  Therefore Bede's Summer School aims to provide 24/7 care to ensure that the student feels continually supported throughout.

If someone who is isolating requires some fresh air, then this can be arranged with the staff under strict conditions (At a specific time, socially distanced supervision and with no other students / staff around).







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